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Connecting Alumni Across the Globe: The 14th NCKU Alumni Carnival 2023 in Vietnam

Written by Hsu Tsu-Yueh. Image credit to NCKU News Center.
The 14th NCKU Alumni Carnival 2023 in Vietnam, held from November 3 to 4, was successful.
The 14th NCKU Alumni Carnival 2023took place from November 3 to 4 at a resort located in Bà Rịa-Vũng Tàu Province, Vietnam. NCKU President Meng-Ru Shen attended and met with alumni associations from different regions to discuss how to continue and enhance the alumni platform for mutual cooperation and sustainable exchanges.
The NCKU Alumni Carnival is the one of the most important regular gatherings for alumni, aside from the annual meetings of the alumni associations worldwide. The biennial NCKU Alumni Carnival aims to strengthen the connections among NCKU alumni globally and facilitate extensive exchanges in areas such as culture, education, and the economy.
Honorary Chairman Chao-Huang Xie of NCKU Alumni Association of Vietnam looks to continuously support the alma mater and the university president to establish NCKU toward a world-class brand.
Honorary Chairman Chao-Huang Xie and the newly appointed Chairman Pham Viet Cuong, of the NCKU Alumni Association of Vietnam, welcomed alumni from around the world to Vietnam. The first day was featured with exciting activities such as golf gatherings, a day trip in Vũng Tàu, and a welcome banquet. Additionally, a symposium on business management in the Vietnamese market was organized.
At the welcome banquet on the first day, Honorary Chairman Chao-Huang Xie expressed gratitude to the Vietnamese alumni team for their tremendous efforts in organizing the Alumni Carnival. He hoped for the smooth and successful progress of the event, the safe travels of every alumnus, and the continued collaborative efforts in the future. He encouraged continuous support for the alma mater, aligning with the expectations of the university president to transform NCKU into a world-class brand.
NCKU President Meng-Ru Shen noted that NCKU’s greatest asset is its 220,000 alumni across the globe.
NCKU President Meng-Ru Shen presented certificates of appreciation to the alumni who made donations. He expressed his fondness for participating in alumni events, likening it to visiting family members worldwide, where one experiences the emotional bond in family reunions. The global alumni carnivals, hosted by all alumni associations in turn, demonstrate the strong emotional bond of alumni around the world. President Shen expressed gratitude, stating, “NCKU is fortunate to be one of the few comprehensive universities in Taiwan, with the greatest asset of 220,000 alumni across the globe. Alumni are generous with their energy and financial support, contributing to elevating NCKU’s position in Taiwan and around the world. NCKU looks forward to welcoming the university’s centennial milestone together with all.”
NCKU Global Alumni Association Chairman Qi-Hong Chen expressed gratitude to the Alumni Association of Vietnam for successfully organizing the Carnival.
The NCKU Global Alumni Association co-organized this year’s Alumni Carnival, and Chairman Qi-Hong Chen delivered a speech at the event. He first expressed gratitude to the Alumni Association of Vietnam for diligently organizing the global Alumni Carnival despite limited resources. Chairman Chen predicted that Vietnam is poised to become the next global manufacturing center, with investments by many Taiwanese businesses. The successful development of the region empowered the attending alumni to personally experience these advancements. He also thanked NCKU for its emphasis on alumni activities, acknowledging the dedication of past presidents, including former President Huey-Jen Jenny Su and current President Meng-Ru Shen. Chairman Chen proudly stated, “I can confidently say that being an NCKU alumnus is the most fortunate. The 220,000 NCKU alumni across the globe are not only strong and capable, but they also seamlessly integrate, which is truly moving. The responsibility of the Global Alumni Association is to unite the strengths of all NCKU alumni associations worldwide, ensuring that NCKU continues to shine on the global stage. A world-class NCKU requires a world-class alumni association!”
The carnival banquet on the second day was attended by NCKU Executive Vice Presidents Woei-Jer Chuang and Yuh-Neu Chen. The event kicked off with a grand procession of representatives from alumni associations around the world, including the 2023 host, the Alumni Association of Vietnam, the co-hosting Global Alumni Association, and 18 alumni associations from Taipei, Hsinchu, Taichung, Tainan, Kaohsiung, Tainan EMBA, East China, Southern California (Los Angeles), Northern California (San Francisco), Pacific Northwest (Seattle), New England (Boston), Greater New York, Greater Washington, D.C., Midwest (Chicago), North Texas (Dallas), Hong Kong, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Over 800 alumni joined in singing the school anthem for their alma mater, creating a warm and enthusiastic atmosphere.
The NCKU Alumni Carnival is the one of the most important regular gatherings to connect and engage globally.
Executive Vice President Woei-Jer Chuang pointed out that the current number of Vietnamese students at NCKU is close to 200, mostly graduate students with researches across science, engineering, management, medicine, and humanities. As an active international higher education institution, NCKU is committed to talent cultivation with international mobility, interdisciplinary thinking, and a sense of humanistic care. NCKU has achieved high ranking in Taiwanand international countries. Henceforward, the university not only will continue to deepen its expertise in various fields but will also put more emphasis on the cultivation of interdisciplinary talents. Currently, Vietnam sees an influx of Taiwanese businesses setting up factories, and many outstanding NCKU alumni are making significant contributions to the lcoals. In the future, NCKU aims to strengthen collaboration with alumni in Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries, discussing ways to bring more excellent students to study at NCKU and potentially stay for internships and employment after graduation.
Executive Vice President Yuh-Neu Chen, introducing herself as a NCKU History graduate, Class of 1965, elicited warm applause from the alumni present. She noted that the Alumni Association of Malaysia set the precedent for the biennial global Alumni Carnival in 1997, and. Now, the grand event has reached its 14th edition in 2023. Reflecting on the past 26 years, the emotional connections that transcend geographical boundaries are truly valuable. From Tainan to Vietnam, Vice President Chen sincerely thanked the Honorary Chairman Chao-Huang Xie, the Chairman Pham Viet Cuong, and all members of the Alumni Association of Vietnam for their dedicated efforts in organizing this year’s carnival. She shared a special highlight that NCKU has received the 2023 Global Views University Social Responsibility (USR) Awards for “Local Development” and “Well-being and Coexistence.” Additionally, NCKU was awarded the first place in the 2023 “Excellence in University Social Responsibility” award by Taiwan CommonWealth Media Group.
第 15 屆世界成大校友嘉年華將由大華府地區校友會承辦
The 15th NCKU Alumni Carnival will be hosted by the Alumni Association of Washington, D.C..
The carnival evening included an energetic performance by the Tainan City EMBA Dance Club, igniting enthusiasm with lively songs and dances. Chairman Pham Viet Cuong of the Alumni Association of Vietnam introduced the executives of the alumni association and the NCKU Vietnamese Student Association. Finally, the baton was passed to the Alumni Association of Washington, D.C. to host the 15th Alumni Carnival.
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