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NCKU and Delta Electronics (Thailand) Sign a Memorandum for Industry-Academia Collaboration and Cultivating International Talents
The NCKU-Butterfly Program has long been dedicated to fostering industry-academia-government collaboration with Southeast Asian countries by creating a diverse and mutually beneficial enrichment platform. With the aim of continuing industry-academia collaboration, training international talents, and enhancing students’ skills for linking up with industry, NCKU and Delta Electronics (Thailand) Company Limited (DET) signed a memorandum at the History Museum on Kuang-Fu Campus on June 2nd. At the signing ceremony, Mr. Jackie Chang, President of DET, and Mr. Cheng-Pin Lin, Delta’s India Region President, gave speeches on global business expansion and talent development.
Taiwan’s First Human-Powered Submarine Built by NCKU Students Enters International Race in Europe
National Cheng Kung University celebrates the successful endeavor of its student team TAO-HAI-REN in building the nation’s first human-powered submarine. After two years of hard work, the team is scheduled to arrive in Portsmouth, U.K. in July to compete in the biennial Europe International Submarine Races (eISR).
The Cornerstone of a New Generation of Cutting-edge Quantum Materials: Interdisciplinary Research Achievements of Associate Professor Jan-Chi Yang of the Department of Physics, NCKU
Associate Professor Jan-Chi Yang of the Department of Physics at NCKU and Distinguished Professors Yi-Chun Chen and Tse-Ming Chen at the Center for Quantum Frontiers of Research and Technology (QFort) at NCKU proposed and demonstrated an approach to manipulate twisted epitaxial lateral homostructures, which can facilitate the design and control of the electronic structures and crystal geometry of quantum materials.
NCKU International
On May 21 and 22, National Cheng Kung University hosted the "Smart" Community Mini Jam, a virtual workshop which gathered participants from Tainan, Tokyo, and Bangkok. This online co-creation workshop invited participants to brainstorm a new vision of a "smart" community through the process of design thinking.