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Czech-Taiwan academic collaboration for Semi-conductor  : University of  West Bohemia Delegation Visits NCKU
Aiming to facilitate the development of semiconductor industry in Czechoslovakia, a delegation led by Miroslav Lávička, the newly appointed president of the University of West Bohemia (UWB), paid a visit to NCKU Academy of Innovative Semiconductor and Sustainable Manufacturing (AISSM) on May 4th to explore the opportunity for future collaboration. The Czech delegation also included the Vice Dean for International Affairs of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at UBC and the former Czech Deputy Prime Minister.
NCKU AISSM presents education programs on semi-conductor technology to Thai Delegation on May 5th
Aiming to promote the academic collaboration between Taiwan and Thailand, NCKU AISSM presents its exclusive education programs for semi-conductor technology to the Thai delegation and the MOE Taiwan (the Ministry of Education).
NCKU-KTH To Launch 3+2 Joint/Dual Master’s Degree Program In Sept. 2023

NCKU and KTH will launch a new 3+2 joint dual program, open for application in September 2023 with studies for three-year bachelor program at NCKU and two-year master program at KTH. This new dual program will offer a mutually recognized academic qualification, said Prof. Wei-Cheng Lo, Secretary General of NCKU, and expand horizons through international learning and enhance academic cooperation across the disciplines.

NCKU Partners with TU Darmstadt on AI IC Innovations in the Post-Moore Law Era
As the world sees urgent demands for high performance computing chips in the Post-Moore Law ear, NCKU and the Technische Universität Darmstadt (TU Darmstadt) launched a project of the first International Joint Research Lab (IJRL). The letter of intent was signed on March 17, by Jen-Sue Chen(陳貞夙教授), the Distinguished Professor of NCKU Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering, and Prof. Lambert Alff, Professor of TU Darmstadt’s Materials Science Department.