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NCKU Team Develops Next-Generation Network Topology Surpassing Supercomputer Technologies in US, China, and Japan
Chair Professor Chi-Chuan Hwang at the Department of Engineering Science of NCKU has developed a high-efficiency network topology architecture called “Equality topology”. They have not only successfully obtained patents in the EU, the US, Japan, China, South Korea, and the ROC but also published their achievement in the international journal, The Journal of Supercomputing, titled “Performance evaluation of multi-exaflops machines using Equality network topology”.
Please abide by the COVID-19 epidemic prevention regulations and pay attention to your health during Lunar New Year holidays
There are many celebration activities and people during Lunar New Year holidays, and thus please pay attention to your health. Please note the following
UC Berkeley Professor Trevor Darrell shared his latest AI development at NCKU
Prof. Trevor Darrell of University of California, Berkeley was invited to NCKU to share his latest research outcome and insight about AI development on January 11st, 2023.
Kedah State Education Dept. of Malasia Officials Visit NCKU, Encourage Malaysian Students Study at NCKU
National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) and the Kedah State Education Department of Malaysia (JPNKED) have partnered to offer the "Non-Chinese Malaysian Project Scholarship" to encourage non-Chinese Malaysian students to study at NCKU. This year, two students were awarded the scholarship. On November 28th, a group of 20 representatives, including Mr. Fadillong Bin Mohamed, Director of Administration Office of JPNKED, Mr. Su Ming-He, Supervisor of the Academic Affairs Office, and Mr. Ma Ciou-Nan, Executive Director of The Organization of Taiwan Education & Cultural, Malaysia visited NCKU to learn about the beauty of the ancient capital of Tainan and the high-quality learning environment at NCKU.