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Game sight blocked? Award-winning miniature camera solves the problem

Tainan, Taiwan, 20 August 2012

Two National Cheng Kung University students have designed an award-winning FANs Cam (Free Angle and Naked Camera) that enables users to enjoy the game without experiencing the annoyance of having their sight blocked by other audience.

The lightweight and waterproof miniature camera was designed by Sheng-hung Lee and Wai-Yeh Chan, who have won a red dot award: design concept recently for the innovation that offers the audiences a more authentic game watching experience than through the perspective of the players.

The two designers are going to receive the award in Singapore on October 19th.

Lee is a constant winner of design awards. Demonstrating how the FANs Cam works, Lee said that by simply scanning the QR code printed on the back of ticket and then choosing the preferred player on a smart phone, the user can immediately see what the player sees.

The FANs Cam may function as a performance recorder for the athletes as “FANs Cam” videos, and with the video in hand the players and the coaches can identify their strengths or weaknesses and develop the training program accordingly, Lee added.

Moreover, the coaches may alter the strategy on the spot based on the views from different players, noted Chan, a student of Department of Electrical Engineering, NCKU.

Lee and Chan said that the FANs Cam ushers in a new kind of visual experience for people who love sports and the audience may now enjoy the game with the players without other audience blocking the sight.

The FANs Cam, designed in a weightless and elastic clip form, enables the athletes to put it on their collar easily and fit well to their uniform, according to Chan.

This novel devise is the results of interdisciplinary efforts of Electrical Engineering and Industrial Design, according to Shyh-Jier Huang, NCKU Distinguished Professor of Electrical Engineering, who is an advisor to the winning team.
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