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NCKU students' first-aid kit shines in international design contests

Tainan, Taiwan, 19 July 2012

The “Nursing Kit,” a first-aid kit designed by National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) students Sheng-hung Lee and Yu-lin Chen, has won a string of awards locally and internationally and is ready for commercialization since some of the local companies have shown interest in mass producing it.

The first-aid kit has won an iF universal design award in Germany in 2010, a red dot award in Germany in 2011, and recently IDEA Gold Award and Core 77 Design Award of the U.S. in 2012, setting a new record in Taiwan.

“I would call the Nursing Kit an art piece at home which is not only for complete health care, but also for excellent decoration and illumination,” said Lee who double majors in industrial design and electrical engineering to familiarize himself with product parts and the theory of control engineering.

The "Nursing Kit," whose upper part serves as a light source and can be used as a flashlight, is divided into three sections for sterilization, medication and dressing, each with materials that serve the stated purpose.

One of the instruments in the kit is a pair of "curvy scissors," with curved handles that make a cinch to pick up the scissors off a flat surface.

Another feature is a tape dispenser that allows the user, even with one hand injured, to steady the dispenser with the body and cut tape from multiple angles.

The kit also includes tweezers that double as clips to seal packaging and a medicine cap that helps users -- especially the elderly-- effortlessly open a drug container and magnify the words such as the expiry date so they are easier to read.

Upon knowing the good news, Lee acknowledged the support of his parents and the guidance of Dr. Ding-Bang Luh of the Industrial Design Dept. and Dr. Jeng-Horng Chen of Systems and Naval Mechatronic Engineering Dept. of NCKU in southern Taiwan.

After their design has won international recognition, Lee and Chen look forward to contacting with ideal potent owner about commercializing the design. They are hoping that the Nursing Kit will soon be available to people who are interested in getting one of the devices at hand when emergency occurred.
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